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The Save-a-Bull Program has won a $25,000 Pepsi Refresh grant to support the work of our Pit Bull advocacy program! Stay tuned for the new community initiatives that this grant will support.

Sixty percent of stray dogs received by the Humane Society every year are Pit Bulls or mixes, and 20% of dogs surrendered by their owners are Pit Bulls or mixes.

In order to address the overwhelming population of Pit Bull type dogs in the region, the Society has created the Save-a-Bull Program. Save-a-Bull was inspired by a group of volunteers and community members who are passionate about the breed and have a desire to change the many misconceptions about Pit Bull type dogs.

Spay or Neuter Pit Bulls

The Society has created a program to spay or neuter Pit Bulls for owners who could not otherwise afford the procedure. Individuals must qualify based on income. Click here to download an application. If you are receiving public assistance you may qualify to spay or neuter your Pit Bull for only $1. For more information about spaying or neutering your pet, click here.

Train Pit Bulls

Dog training is the best thing you can do to build and maintain a relationship with your dog because:
  • Basic training makes life simple to your dog and eliminates confusion. Your dog will know his place in the world and understand right from wrong.
  • You'll have a happy, relaxed and confident dog who will be a pleasure to be around. Greater freedom can also be extended to your dog, as he'll be more trustworthy when trained.
  • When your dog is trained he will be better around family, friends and kids.
  • A trained dog is a much safer dog. If your dog dashes out the front door, you will still have voice control over him. If your dog is in danger, he is more likely to listen to you and stay safe.
  • Dog training fulfills some crucial needs in your dog's life including exercise, mental stimulation, spending time with you and providing your dog with a job.
  • Once you understand the basics of training, it will open up a world of fun activities for you and your dog.
For more information on training your pit bull or if you need advice on problem behaviors, click here or call 518-434-8128 ext 201.

The Save-a-Bull Program is currently seeking funding to subsidize dog training classes for pit bull owners who cannot afford training.

Find Homes For Pit Bulls

At its root, the Save-a-Bull Program is a group of individuals who love dogs and especially Pit Bull type dogs. They know that Pit Bulls are often misunderstood and want to change those misconceptions. One way to do that is to bring homeless Pit Bulls out into the community and introduce them to people who may be looking for a new pet.

For upcoming adoption clinics, please check our Event Calendar.

Order your copy of Recipes to the Rescue

A cookbook to benefit Save-a-Bull, a program of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

With over 190 recipes from volunteers, family and friends, the "Recipes to the Rescue" cookbook features recipes in the following categories: Desserts, Breads & Rolls, Main Dishes, Appetizers & Beverages, This & That, Candy & Cookies, Soups & Salads and Vegetables & Side Dishes. Each category highlights a special story of adoption called Happy Tails, which features a pit bull and its parents. Click here to order your copy now.

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment?

Save-a-Bull Program volunteers recently called numerous apartment complexes to request information on their pet policies. The report is available sorted by location or apartment name.

To make an online donation directed to the Save-a-Bull Program, please click here.

Support from Animal Farm Foundation has allowed Mohawk Hudson Humane Society to benefit shelter dogs. Enrichment and socialization for shelter dogs is essential for the dogs' physical and mental well-being and will result in sending more dogs home, faster.